Welcome to Swap3D.

Swap3D is a SolidWorks partner product that helps you create simplified versions of your 3D model.

You are able to influence the result and the level of simplification, based on the settings that you use.


Swap3D can be used for many purposes:

- Create lay-out drawings

- Models can be obfuscated to protect your Intellectual Property or to prevent reverse engineering when sharing the files with others

- Use simplified models to create 3D webgraphics

- Improve performance

- Cleanup imported 3D geometry

- Cleanup (imported) 2D geometry (e.g. layout drawing of factory)


To sign up for a free 30-day trial version, please goto www.studiozwaard.nl

If you would like to contact us, please use the contact form in the Contact section or send an email to info@swap3d.com.


Assembly SimplificationAssembly Simplification

Assembly Simplification

Use Swap3D to simplify your SolidWorks files. This video shows how Swap3D simplifies an assembly.

The assembly in this example went down from 830 faces and 23 bodies to 196 faces and 1 body.

Technical presentationTechnical presentation

Technical presentation

You can view our technical presentation by clicking this link.